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I specialize in recording all instruments and vocals both tracked and live.

AudioShine Studios: Albuquerque recording studio can get you the high-quality sound you are looking for.


I can edit and mix any tracks you may have already recorded or have recorded at my studio.

In the studio we are very passionate about bringing your dreams into reality. 


I can create a coherent final master that translates well onto all types of listening systems and environments.

Certified music industry instructors with RRFC
(Recording Radio and Film Connection)

Sound Production

I offer a wide range of sound production to help complete any music project including to drums, guitars, keyboards, and vocals.

Over the years we have honed our recording craft. As a result, we now have a highly efficient system.

Stem Mastering

I can take raw tracks you’ve recorded at any studio and turn them into professional, polished recordings.

We produce, capture, edit, mix, and master in great detail. We look forward to booking you. 

About Leslie Holloway

Studio Owner / Mixing and Mastering Engineer / Producer

Starting as a drummer and continuing as a guitarist onto an engineer, Leslie has designed his studio for recording, mixing, and mastering radio-ready music. He has produced, engineered, mixed and mastered music from many genres, ranging from acoustic to his normal style of psychedelic rock.

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In the recording studio, I use many high-level programs and tools such as Ableton which is a great tool for recording, editing, mixing, and mastering audio tracks. I am able to help you obtain professional radio-ready songs from start to finish.

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