Pricing and Services

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Audio Recording

We are available for a variety of recording services using our advanced techniques and professional tools, and we will work closely with you to help you achieve your desired results.

Sound Production

Audioshine Studios offers a wide range of sound production at a price the average musician can afford. Feel free to fill out the booking form for a quote today. Our services include: engineering, editing, mixing, mastering, production, voice-over recording, instrumentation, overdubbing, and mastering.

Music Composition

We can offer the right sound or soundscape for your project. Services include: soundtrack composition (TV and Movie), radio and television jingles, corporate sound and songwriting for other artists. We also have session musicians for a wide array of instruments.

Video Production / Editing

We offer a professional video editing service. All of the projects are edited in Adobe. We will edit anything from corporate videos, concert DVDs, to band promotional videos. We will get you a professional result in your required format, in budget and on time.

Graphic Design

AudioShine Studios offers a comprehensive design service. We design everything from T-shirts, to logos, to banners, to online retail. If you are a musician or artist, we can design your complete campaign: album cover, logo, and any and all social media graphics. 

Photography / Photo Editing

AudioShine Studios will cover any photographic needs you might have. We offer 4k resolution, editing in the highest quality format (RAW). We capture, size, filter, effect, colorize, stylize, and compress your photos to any specification.

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